Merriwagga is situated on the Kidman Way, half way between Goolgowi and Hillston, and is the very heart of the Black Stump Country. Merriwagga has two claims to fame - the tallest bar in Australia and the Black Stump Legend.

A visit to the Black Stump Memorial will provide visitors with details of the gruesome tale that gave Black Stump Country its name. A bullocky passing through the area in 1886 left his wife, Mrs Barbara Blain to make camp for the night while he tended to the cattle. The day was hot, windy and dusty, and while his wife prepared the evening meal, the camp fire raged and she was burnt to death. When people expressed their sympathy, the bullocky simply said "When I returned, my wife was dead, she looked just like a black stump". And so the Black Stump legend was born. Mrs Blain is buried in the century old Gunbar Cemetery.

Merriwagga has a visitor information centre, and is home to the Black Stump Hotel, with the tallest bar in Australia. The Memorial to Pioneer Women, a Ron Clarke sculpture, is also located in Black Stump Park. The Historic Merriwagga Public School has been transformed into basic accommodation for caravans and camping.

A map of Merriwagga can be viewed here. (PDF)