Council Meeting Dates

                                                       2019 Council Meeting Dates

Meeting Date Meeting Location Business Paper Closes
19/02/2019 Hillston District Office 08/02/2019
19/03/2019 Goolgowi Council Chambers 08/03/2019
16/04/2019 Hillston District Office 05/04/2019
07/05/2019 Goolgowi Council Chambers
(Draft Operational Plan)
21/05/2019 Goolgowi Council Chambers 10/05/2019
25/06/2019 Hillston District Office 14/06/2019
16/07/2019 Goolgowi Council Chambers 05/07/2019
20/08/2019 Goolgowi Council Chambers 09/08/2019
17/09/2019 Goolgowi Council Chambers 06/09/2019
22/10/2019 Carrathool Family Hotel 04/10/2019
19/11/2019 Goolgowi Council Chambers 08/11/2019
17/12/2019 Hillston District Office 06/12/2019

Carrathool Shire Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month. Under the Local Government Act 1993, Council is required to be open and transparent in the conduct of its business. To facilitate this, residents and ratepayers are asked to address any correspondence for consideration at a Council meeting or requests to address a Council meeting to the General Manager. These requests for inclusion in the agenda/business paper must be received prior to the close of the business paper.

Agendas/Business Papers are available for public inspection at the Goolgowi Council Chambers, Hillston District Office, the WG Parker Memorial Library Hillston and here, from the Friday prior to the Council Meeting.

Code of Meeting Practice - Adopted 16 April 2019