Tenders & Quotations

Private individuals and businesses are invited to submit tenders and quotations to purchase, trade-in or replace the below vehicles and items of plant. Please note you will only receive further contact if your quotation is successful.

There are currently nine (9) Vehicles for Sale/Trade-in/Supply

Plant No 1309 - 12/2018 - Holden EQ Equinox LTD Wagon - 40,000kms
Plant No 1313 - 01/2019 - Toyota Camry Ascent Sedan - 40,000kms
Plant No 1550 - 04/2017 - Toyota Hilux 4x2 Workmate Single Cab - 40,000kms
Plant No 1551 - 06/2017 - Toyota Hilux 4x2 Workmate Single Cab - 40,000kms
Plant No 1553 - 06/2017 - Holden Colorado 4x2 Hi-Ride LS Crew Cab 40,000kms
Plant No 1557 - 12/2017 - Holden Colorado 4x2 Hi-Ride Crew Cab - 40,000kms
Plant No 1834 - 12/2018 - Holden Colorado 4x4 Crew Cab - 40,000kms
Plant No 1839 - 03/2019 - Toyota Hilux 4x4 SR Double Cab - 40,000kms
Plant No 2058 - 10/2013 - Hino Medium 300 Series Tray Truck - 90,000kms

There is currently zero (0) Plant Items for Sale/Trade-in/Supply


It is your responsibility to ensure tenders and quotations are received prior to the advertised closing date and time, whether submitted by surface mail or email.

When emailing your tender or quotation an automatic response will be sent back to you. This is your confirmation that the submission was successfully received at Council's Administration Office.

Electronic forms for vehicles are available below or by contacting Council during office hours on 02 6965 1900.

Vehicle Quotation Form
Dealer Vehicle Quotation Form
Plant Tender Form