COVID-19 Information for Businesses & Individuals

The following resources are a good first step for business owners and individuals who want to learn about what assistance may be avaialble to them at this time.

Information can also be broken down in sections and allows for more specific information to be accessed for individual circumstances.

Business Owners


It is important to recognise that over the last few days many government departments have been overwhelmed with a steady and significant rise in people trying to contact them for advice and assistance. These are difficult times for everybody, and this rise in need for assistance is completely understandable. These departments have put on additional staff to help cover this new workload, but there may still be longer wait times when trying to speak with any of these departments. Their staff are doing the best job they can under very difficult circumstances, and may well have their own challenges in their personal lives in relation to COVID-19. We all need to be calm and patient, and understanding of each other.

With regards to accessing government websites, the government has had to upgrade its websites a number of times over the last few days to help them to cope with the extra traffic that they are receiving. Despite each upgrade allowing for significantly greater numbers of people to access the website at the same time, they are still being regularly overwhelmed. This could mean that people may not be successful in accessing the website immediately and may need to try a number of times over the course of the day before they are successful.