Harvest Season - Heavy Vehicle Users

Harvest Season
Attention Heavy Vehicle Users.

At the June Council meeting, Council approved various roads for heavy vehicle access (class 2 - A/B Double/Triple up to 36.5m in length). Of those approved routes, the following is a list that was not approved for access with HV’s:

Roads NOT suitable for Heavy Vehicles

Barry’s Scenic Drive

Mena Road

Stewarts Lane

Bunda North Road

Merri Road

Vaggs Road

Campbell Lane

Mitchell Track

Wakefield Road

Chedburgh Road

Norwood Lane

Wandella Road

Gundy’s Road

Parsons Road

Wests Road

McGill’s Road

Paton’s Road

Wrights Lane

Heavy Vehicle Operators within Carrathool Shire who wish to travel on Council’s approved routes are advised of the following conditions:

  • All gravel roads are dry weather access only.
  • Heavy vehicles must be under 36.5 metres in length.
  • Heavy Vehicle Movement - Speed Restriction - Speed on Specific Roads The heavy vehicle is restricted to a maximum speed limit of 60 kph on the approved route, except where a traffic sign indicates a lower speed limit.
  • Operators are to check with Council for Road Closures.
  • Operator is to carry out their own risk assessment of the route prior to travel to determine if the route is safe.
  • Heavy vehicle movement - Report of Damage in the event that the permitted heavy vehicle damages assets or infrastructure, contact must be made with personnel at Carrathool Shire Council via 02 6961 7600 with receipt of the advised damage from the road manager. A written statement of the damage must be recorded and provided in writing to the road manager prior to repairs of the damaged infrastructure or asset.
  • Restricted Time Condition - Travel on School Bus Routes. The heavy vehicle must not travel during the school bus operation times on school bus routes between 08:00 am to 9:30 am and 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm, on an official school day.

Operators are to note that Carrathool Shire has no power when it comes to State Government roads or other Local Government assets. Operators are asked to check with other stake holders/Councils prior to using that route.

Should anyone have any query with the aforementioned, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Council on (02) 6961 7600 8.30am-4.30pm – Mon to Fri.