WIRES - NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service

Wildlife Information, Rescue, and Education Service (WIRES) 
24/7 Emergency Hotline: 13 000 WIRES

If you find a sick, injured, or orphaned native animal, call a wildlife rescue organization straight away. Improper rescue can hurt or distress the animal and the rescuer. It is critical to get sick and injured wildlife vet treatment as quickly as possible.

When Calling in a Rescue, Report the Exact Location 
When reporting rescues to WIRES and vets, please try to confirm the EXACT location you found the animal. This is because many native animals are very territorial, so it's critical that, when they are ready for release, we return them "home" to ensure their best chance of survival. 
In addition, if we know the exact location the animal was found, many young animals have a better chance of possibly being reunited with their parents. 

Certain Animals Should NOT Be Approached 
If you encounter a sick, injured, or orphaned animal on the list below, call a wildlife rescue organization straight away. These animals require specialist handling and MUST be rescued by trained wildlife rescuers. 

  • Snakes
  • Monitor Lizards (Goanna)
  • Bats (Flying-Foxes or Microbats)
  • Large Macropods (Kangaroos or Wallabies)
  • Raptors (Eagles, Flacons or Hawks)

For more infomation about animal rescue visit WIRES.

WIRES has developed a free online community course called "An introduction to Australian Wildlife"