Local Environmental Plan

The Carrathool Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 came into force as the planning instrument for the shire on the 20 July 2012.  The LEP replaces the former instrument 'Carrathool Interim Development Order No.1' and other amendments to the instrument since its adoption on 26 March 1976.  The LEP introduces new zoning to land across the shire and provides the platform for future electronic planning (e-planning).

The adoption of the first comprehensive instrument under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 as amended also saw the implementation of first on-line accessible planning instrument for the shire.

The LEP can be downloaded from NSW Legislation.

The web page is hosted by the NSW Parliamentary Counsel Office and content managed by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.  Users of the LEP can search for individual clauses, zone information, permitted development types, zoning maps, minimum lot size maps and like.

Variations to Development Standards

Applications determined by Council with variations to a development standard are available for public viewing.

The variations have been made as an exception to development standards under Clause 4.6 of Carrathool Local Environmental Plan 2012.

All variations to a development standard granted by Council are reported quarterly to the Department of Planning.

The variations can be viewed below: